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O Canada Crosswords Book 23

O Canada Crosswords Book 23

Gwen Sjogren (CA)
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75 All-New Crosswords

Over 250,000 O Canada Crossword books sold in 20 years!

In this latest instalment of O Canada Crosswords, author Gwen Sjogren mines the national landscape to unearth a wealth of witty wordplay, a motherlode of puns and a bonanza of Canadiana in 75 large-sized puzzles. Book 23 strikes gold with new themes including big tech, fashion and tea. Sports fans will score with six thematic puzzles. And for solvers who dig a challenge, 10 non-themed Canada Cornucopia grids will test your mettle… since several have no three-letter answers and/or fill-in-the-blank clues. Themed puzzles include:

Canadian CitiesA Star Was Born Here & Give Me a C

EducationEminent Universities & Illustrious Alumni

FoodHome Sweet Canada & International Flavours

Letter PlayY Not & Whoo Are They?

MoviesA Dozen Theme Clues & Cinematic Spectres

PunsOn the Move & Spice Up Your Life

RetroToys in the Attic & Catch(phrase) Me If You Can

TransportationTake Off, Eh! & Come Sail Away