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Authors - should we carry your book?

Did your book just get published by a Canadian or international publisher? Please have your publicist send us a review copy, or an email with book details including Canadian distribution info. We'll be happy to review and consider it's suitablity for our store. If we decide to carry it, we'll order directly from the distributor.


Did you self-publish your book? Please review the following information if you'd like us to consider selling your book at Beggars Banquet Books. If you send a review copy by mail, this does not ensure we will read or accept it - but we might!

The book must meet our standards in terms of binding, appropriateness, and sell-ability. If we decline your consignment, it’s nothing personal; it’s simply not a good match for our store. It must be priced appropriately (less than/same as professionally published books) or it will not be considered.

Our terms are the industry-standard 40% of the retail price. If your book sells for $10.00, your take is $6.00 and we take $4.00.

Email us at beggarsbanquetbooks @ to make an appointment. Please don’t just call or drop in because our days are very busy, and the person with whom you need to speak may not be available.

If we agree to carry your book, we will need a proper invoice and signed copy of our consignment agreement before they go on the shelf. 

Keep in mind that your book is in a store with thousands of award-winners, best-sellers, and staff favourites, each of which have had the benefit of editorial, design and marketing departments to bolster sales. 

You must have a marketing plan ready to make sure readers know where to buy your book. That is your responsibility. Contact local radio stations and ask for an interview. Write a blog! Build a website! Be an interesting and regular presence on social media.

 General Policy Information

Please make an appointment with the consignment manager to arrange a time to drop off the stock and sign the contract by emailing

Beggars Banquet Books takes the industry standard 40% of retail price on consignment. We will take no more than three to five copies.

We will carry them for a period of six months, in store and on our website.

After that six month period we will contact the consignor to settle the account, request more stock, or return unsold stock.

At the end of the consignment agreement, it is the consignor’s responsibility to pick up within 30 days any unsold books and any payment accrued from book sales. We will donate books left for more 30 days after the consignment period ends.

Download a copy of our consignment agreement here.