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Unearth a treasure trove of knowledge on over 130 gemstones from around the world.

Learn how gemstones are formed and how to recognize them by their unique qualities and colors. It’s a wonderful book for beginners, students and gemstone-enthusiasts that includes the latest scientific research and specimen classification.
Handbook of Gemstones is filled with all you need to know about the fascinating world of gemstones — cut and uncut stones, organic gemstones and precious metals. Inside, you’ll find:

   • Fast facts for quick reference, including chemical composition, hardness, gravity, luster and reflective value.
   • Photo close-ups of key details and highlights of distinguishing features.
   • Illustrations of faceting and shapes popular for each gemstone.
   • A detailed introduction to everything a beginner gemologist needs to know, including how gemstones form, the different properties, crystal shapes, faceting and the history of gems.

Everything you ever wanted to know about gems

Delve into the one-of-a-kind characteristics, colors and attributes of more than 130 gemstones with this compact visual guide. For easy classification, each stone’s entry includes annotated photographs to highlight distinguishing features and concise details about the attributes of gems.

Designed for beginners and experienced collectors alike, this gemology book explores what gemstones are, how they are classified and how to identify them by their physical and optical properties. It also shows you how they were fashioned and imitated throughout history. Learn the differences between varieties of cut and uncut stones, organic gemstones and precious metals. It includes a glossary for many more technical and scientific terms, and over 800 high-quality photos of gems, making it the ideal gift for any budding gemologist!

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