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O Canada Crosswords Book 21

O Canada Crosswords Book 21

Gwen Sjogren (CA)
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Nightwood Editions is proud to present its annual O Canada Crosswords release with Gwen Sjogren’s tenth book in the series, which features 100 puzzles and over 12,600 clues. If you’re counting, 23.5 percent of the clues focus on Canadian references, and you can depend 100 percent on Sjogren’s usual mix of witty wordplay and unique themes. Here’s a taste to wet your whistle:

AnimalsHorsing Around & Coming out of Their Shells

FoodI’m Stuffed & Cropping Up

HolidaysSanta Claus Is Coming & Yummy Yuletide

PunsHockey Hall of Blame & Piracy?

RoyaltyThe Queen’s English & Put Up Your Dukes

Sports – Good Sports & Puttering Around

TVIs There a Doctor in the House? & Channel Surfing

Seven of the forty-six Canada Cornucopia puzzles offer the challenge of no fill-in-the-blank clues. And in the fifty-four themed puzzles, Sjogren makes a meal of new Canadiana, including cartoonists, stamps, money and geographical references from across the country. So if you’re hungry for some brainteasing trivia, take a bite out of O Canada Crosswords Book 21!