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Puzzle Baron's Number Logic Puzzles

Puzzle Baron's Number Logic Puzzles

Puzzle Baron
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More number-based logic puzzles than you can count!

The Puzzle Baron returns with a new kind of challenge: number logic puzzles. You'll discover a variety of puzzle types for hours of brain-challening fun! Mathdoku, Calcudoku, Sudoku, Fillomino, and Numberlink puzzles—they're all here for you and just waiting to be solved!

And don't think these are your typical sudoku-shaped puzzles. The Puzzle Baron has puzzles of different shapes and sizes—great challenges for every kind of puzzle lover. 

Number Logic Puzzles includes these features:
• 300+ number-based logic puzzles to solve
Explanations and instructions for the various puzzle types
• Blank spaces for filling in your answers
• Answer section for checking your answers—or peeking at when the going gets tough!

If you've been waiting for a new puzzle-solving experience from the Puzzle Baron, this is just the book for you!