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Seeking the Heart of Wisdom

Seeking the Heart of Wisdom

Joseph Goldstein
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Two popular American Buddhist teachers provide an overview of insight meditation, offering a “skillful blend of pragmatic instruction, psychological insight, and perennial wisdom” (Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence)

In Seeking the Heart of Wisdom, Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield present the central teachings and practices of insight meditation in a clear and personal language. The path of insight meditation is a journey of understanding our bodies, our minds, and our lives, of seeing clearly the true nature of experience. The authors guide the reader in developing the openness and compassion that are at the heart of this spiritual practice. For those already treading the path, as well as those just starting out, this book will be a welcome companion along the way. Among the topics covered are:

   •  The hindrances to meditation—ranging from doubt and fear to painful knees—and skillful means of overcoming them

   •  How compassion can arise in response to the suffering we see in our own lives and in the world

   •  How to integrate a life of responsible action and service with a meditative life based on non-attachment

Useful exercises are presented alongside the teachings to help readers deepen their understanding of the subjects.